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We buy houses Atlanta, selling to us may be an option, selling for cash will almost always result in a faster closing. Thus, in this article, I will give you reasons why people sell for cash.

When you need to sell your house quickly, you have a few options. You can list your home with a traditional agent and wait months for a potential buyer, but that is also risky, or you can accept cash offers from we buy houses Atlanta.

Due to the high rate at which potential buyers purchase Atlanta houses in the market these days, sellers are more likely to accept cash offers. This is because sellers are now more likely to accept offers that exceed the asking price. As a result, potential buyers of listed homes have begun to consider the possibility of short sales to complete their purchases.

The 5 Biggest Benefits When We Buy Houses Atlanta

  1. Fast House Sales  

Supply and demand often determine this factor. The demand for houses and readiness to pay cash in Atlanta outnumbers the supply. Redfin claims that “Atlanta home prices were up 11.2 percent year over year in May 2022, with a median price of $456K. Homes in Atlanta sell on average after 14 days on the market, down from 20 days last year. In May of this year, 1,188 homes were sold, down from 1,501 in May of last year.” 

All of this is good news for homeowners who want to sell their homes to we buy houses Atlanta.

  1. To avoid costly repairs 

We buy houses Atlanta sellers look for buyers who offer cash when buying homes to either rent out or swap. Most of the time, these buyers are investors who have the cash on hand to pay for house repairs rather than taking out a high-interest loan. 

Some homebuyers are forced to pay cash because they are downsizing. They could easily sell their large houses for a profit and use the proceeds to purchase a smaller home without having to worry about money.

3.  Takes the risk off the homeowners 

Sellers recognize that buyers do not want to take out a mortgage loan, so they (the buyers) sweeten the offer to entice sellers. Sellers, on the other hand, don’t mind as long as the deal is good, and in this type of transaction, where a cash offer is introduced,  the buyers take the risk without involving the sellers.

4. It’s a competitive market 

Atlanta’s housing market is competitive. Redfin claims “The average home in Atlanta receives four offers and sells in 15 days. Last month, the average home sale price in Atlanta was $453K, up 11.0 percent from the previous year. Atlanta’s average sale price per square foot is $281, up 14.9 percent since last year.” 

Homeowners in Atlanta close deals with cash buyers after a house is listed and put up for showings. It’s that simple and painless. You have a better chance of getting your house sold quickly and for cash no matter where you live in the country.

5. The cash offer

Most of we buy houses Atlanta clients have customers ringing their phones looking for available houses and are ready to pay cash within a week. Some are first-time and seasoned investors who want to put their money in right away without having to worry about renovations. Some sellers, on the other hand, recognize that spending time deep cleaning, refreshing the paint, and improving the curb appeal before listing will result in more cash offers.

In summary

Without a doubt, the cash offer is simple and hassle-free. A cash offer, according to sellers, is preferable to one backed by a mortgage loan. To them, the stronger offer, which is selling to cash buyers, is the only option. Cash offers are appealing to buyers because they do not require mortgages, processing fees, or a large amount of paperwork.

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