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How we buy houses in Atlanta

We Buy Houses Atlanta GA- We Buy Atlanta Properties house buying process is simple. The first step is to share some information about the property and have a quick conversation with one of our home buying specialists. Next, we do some quick research and are able to give you a fair cash offer within days, sometimes even on the spot. Finally, if the offer looks good, you pick a closing date and get paid.

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All we need to get started is the Atlanta property address and some information about its condition. Based on that, we will be able to calculate an Instant Cash Offer for your home in 90 Seconds.

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With have a database of over 154 million properties, our proprietary algorithm will determine a great cash offer for your home based on comparable sales, less repair and re-modeling costs.

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Our selling process is simple and that makes things easy for home owners. After confirming the details you provided, we take care of the admin and close on a date that works best for you.

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Sell My House Fast Atlanta GA

One of the most significant challenges of owning an old home isn’t just keeping up with maintenance and selling it when you need to. Most people don’t want to buy so-called shabby or unattractive homes in Atlanta, and that’s where selling for cash to buy houses companies like ours saves the day.

Not only that, Selling a house with a fair cash price is not so easy. Rather, it is more difficult when you are selling your house by yourself. So, how can you sell your house in a hassle-free way and get a fair value? Here is the solution! We Buy Houses Atlanta is known as a trusted local home buyer in Atlanta Georgia and you will be able to sell your house in a simple way at a fair price.

At We Buy Atlanta Properties, we buy the less attractive homes for cash within a couple of days of accepting our offer. Our team handles all the mandatory paperwork and only requires you to sign off on the required documents. However, you are also welcome to hire an attorney to represent your interests. 

Want a cash offer for your home today in less than 90 seconds? Get in touch with us, provide as much information as possible, and our team will send the best offer possible.

Want to sell your Atlanta house with no hassles?

We Buy Houses Atlanta

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We Buy Houses Atlanta – and know how big a decision buying and selling a house can be, and we pride ourselves on being able to offer creative solutions for people in any situation. For example, we’ve worked with many house owners who needed to sell their home quickly due to many reasons such as job relocation, making repairs you don’t want to pay for, unwanted or inherited properties, and financial distress (including having trouble making house payments or facing job loss or divorce).

We Buy Houses Atlanta and we’ve also bought homes that need a lot repairs or that had damage from fires or floods as well as many that have tax liens and Housing code violations. At We Buy Atlanta Properties we are experienced in buying houses in any condition at an honest price from property owners in just about any situation.

We buy houses in Atlanta!

Want to sell your Atlanta house with no hassles?

Why should I work with an Atlanta Cash house buying company?

The main reason is to close the deal quickly. If your house is in very good condition and you have plenty of time to sell your house and are not under any pressure to do so, then you would be better served using a traditional estate agent. However, be aware that you may be paying fees and commission to the agent, real estate attorney and for other intermediary services. This is where a reputable house buying company is a great option. Go online and search for house buying companies in your area – or better yet, give us a call at (706) 920-3174.

If you need to sell your house quickly then We Buy Houses Atlanta and we can really help you out.

Selling with We Buy Atlanta PropertiesSelling with an Agent
NO commissions/agent fees6% of commissions/fees on average are paid by you, the seller
Closing costs negotiated between buyer and seller2% of closing costs on average are paid by you, the seller
NO inspection & financing contingencyUp to 15% of sales fall through due to inspection & financing contingency
NO appraisal needed – we make cash offersSale is often subject to appraisal
Immediate cash offer91+/- days until sold
1 showing (just us)Usually many showings
Closing date of your choiceClosing date 30-60 +/- days after accepting buyer’s offer
WE pay for ALL the repairsPayment of repairs negotiated during inspection period but often paid by YOU

Want to sell your Atlanta house with no hassles?

Cash Home Buyer Atlanta Reviews – Great experience selling my house…

We Buy Houses Atlanta, so we know there are a lot of companies who buy houses, and we work hard everyday to provide the best service to someone looking to sell a house fast. What makes us different is that we treat everyone with respect, we believe in making fast, fair, cash offers on houses in any condition, and we offer creative real estate solutions to home sellers who need to sell a house quickly. Here’s what some of our home sellers are saying about us…

Why Choose To Sell Your Home to ‘We Buy Atlanta Properties’?

Selling your home in Atlanta may seem like a pretty straightforward task. You hire a real estate agent, and they will handle the sale for you. Alternatively, you could list the home yourself and negotiate a deal with a prospective buyer. However, this only works if your home is relatively well-maintained. That said, anything less, and you’ll be advised to spend thousands of dollars on updating the home. This may be money you can’t spare or don’t want to spend; in any case, your home could languish on the market for months at least.

The benefit of selling your home to us or cash home buying companies, in general, include but may not be limited to the following:

We buy homes as-is in Atlanta, GA

We Buy Houses as-is Atlanta – Whether your home hasn’t been renovated since Bush Senior was in office or if it was gutted in a recent fire, we would still buy it from you. We buy homes that nobody else wants, and we also pay cash for them. This means you don’t have to spend a dime on the home to sell it to us. As real estate investors, we cover the costs. 

The home has noisy and unruly tenants – Nobody wants to buy a home with tenants that could potentially make their life miserable. However, if you have a home with tenants, we will still buy it from you. Plus, we’ll handle all the paperwork involved with getting rid of them after the sale goes through.

The home is nearing foreclosure – The hardest thing to do in the real estate industry is to sell a home that’s on the brink of being foreclosed. However, selling the home could mean you have enough money to walk away without sending your credit into a tailspin. We buy homes that are headed to foreclosure for cash. We will then handle paying off the mortgage to avoid the house being foreclosed. That said, this will not negatively affect you in any way. That’s why you will want to sell your Atlanta house fast if it’s heading to foreclosure. 

No realtors involved – When selling to us, there are no realtors involved. We are the buyers and make an offer right away on the home. Once you accept, we will buy the home for a fair price. This alone will save you a few thousand dollars, which you’d otherwise have to pay in the way of realtor commissions. Not only that, there are no hidden fees involved.

Inherited houses, unwanted homes – Unwanted or inherited homes are often not in the best condition. You might have inherited a house you don’t need because you either live in another city or don’t have the money to spend on it. Regardless, we will buy the home from you. If anything, this turns the liability into cash for you.

Have a question about selling your home for cash? Get in touch with our team today to find out how the leading cash house buyers can help you. 

Cash Home Buyers Atlanta – We Close in As Few As 7 Days On Your Atlanta House 

At We Buy Atlanta Properties, we have the financial resources needed to buy homes for cash. This includes rental property needing extensive repairs. We don’t have to wait for our mortgage to be approved like traditional buyers. 

It also means that we can close in a fraction of the time it would take to close any other sale. We buy homes and pay cash in as few as seven days making it possible to sell your house Atlanta GA quickly. 

Being able to close soon means you don’t have to worry about negotiating the prices, working through the paperwork, and paying a realtor’s commission. Speaking of which, realtors can cost you a few thousand dollars at least, depending on how much the home sells for, but when selling to us, you’re bypassing this with ease. We buy houses in Atlanta directly from owners, with no middlemen, cutting out the middlemen saves us all money. 

Our team will also work with you to find a solution tailored to your unique situation. Often, we can strike a deal with homeowners who allow them to rent the home they live in while getting access to the cash they need to take care of expenses or pay off previous debt. 

We Buy All Houses In And Around Atlanta

Regardless of your home type or size, we will buy it. In fact, we’ve been buying homes across the city for over a decade. Your home can be located in the center of Atlanta or its outskirts.

Unlike so many cash home buyers, we don’t prefer to buy one type of home over the other. However, this is instead the contrary. As investors, we are always on the lookout for homes we can procure, which can then be renovated and flipped for profit. That is why we buy Atlanta houses for cash regardless of their condition, size, and location. The only thing that matters is market value. We offer cash offers for inherited houses, Multifamily apartment buildings, rental investment properties, vacant houses, and we will buy even if it is a burdensome rental property. 

Real estate investment is a high-risk business; we always vet the homes we buy. However, that does not mean we will not buy your home, but our risk analysis should show that your home is worth the risk. Fortunately, most homes in Atlanta are worth the risk, especially family homes.

Over the years, we’ve purchased several dozen homes across the city. Many of these homes had seen much better days, but their present owners couldn’t afford to spend the money needed to renovate them. That’s why despite their best efforts, the homes languished on the market for months before the owner decided to sell to us.

You Don’t Need To Clean The Home!

When you sell the home for cash to us, you do not need to clean the house or give it a fresh coat of paint. In fact, you can leave everything behind and take what you want. This saves you from spending more money on hiring cleaners and other professionals to remove all the garbage from the home. 

We’ve purchased homes where even the family car was parked in the garage. However, the car was a bucket of bolts because it was burnt down to the ground along with most of the home. To us, removing these items and cleaning up the home is no problem because we have a team of professionals to handle it. Plus, we’ll spend thousands of dollars on renovating the home in Atlanta sell, anyway, so a few hundred spent on removing all the unwanted items isn’t a big deal.  

Our Team Handles The Paperwork – No Real Estate Agent Needed

You might want to sell the home for a variety of reasons. Either you are going through a divorce, need money to pay off creditors or perhaps your home is about to be foreclosed; regardless, you want to sell fast. Unfortunately, the paperwork tied to selling a home does not always go through as quickly as we expect. There could be unforeseeable stumbling blocks. But all of that is minimized when you have a team of professionals handling the sale.

We have a seasoned team of professionals that will handle all the paperwork involved something real estate agents don’t. That means apart from signing a few documents to transfer the lease; there is little you will need to do. In fact, when we sell homes, sellers need to do nothing once they decide to sell the home to us.

Not only does this save you a great deal of time but also because We Buy Houses Atlanta pays closing costs for you, also money. Depending on the size or type of home, the money you save can be pretty significant, which can be money you use elsewhere.

Nothing Short of The Most Generous Cash Offers

Unlike other cash home businesses operating in the Atlanta area, we don’t want to capitalize on your situation. In fact, our cash offers are not based on how desperately you want to sell but on prevailing market prices and conditions. Regardless of the condition of your house, we’ll make a purchase offer on your home and we will purchase your Atlanta house as is. That said, the cash offer we make for your home stands, and you have as much time as needed to decide.

As a policy, we don’t push homeowners to sell. We make a generous no-obligation cash offer for the home, and as the owner, you can decide when to sell. You can choose your own closing date, and we will adhere to it. We are unlike any other buyer that takes their time buying; if anything, we want to sale to move through quickly so that you can get the cash needed to take care of your expenses. 

Do you want to sell your home for cash? Want to sell it within a few days for a good amount of money? Then get in touch with us for a free, no-obligation offer. You are also welcome to compare our offer to other companies.

You Work with The Most Trusted Team in The Industry

The real estate investment industry is competitive. However, it is also overflowing with businesses that want to take advantage of homeowners that find themselves in an unfortunate situation and want to sell their homes fast. That’s why many of these companies will make a lowball offer, hoping that if you negotiate, they may raise it by a hair and get the home at a bargain.

Over the years, we’ve earned a reputation for making fair cash offers. We’ve purchased dozens of homes over the years, and every one of those homeowners felt that they received a fair cash offer and that the process went smoothly as expected. In fact, dozens of five-star reviews by Atlanta homeowners prove that we offer precisely what is advertised.

Our highly experienced experts will also handle everything to ensure the sale goes through as expected. They handle all the legwork and bureaucratic processes. This saves you from having to go back and forth on doing it. Our team will also advise you and provide you with information to answer any questions you might have. Think of it as a ‘done for you service’ that does not cost you a dime.

Listing Your Home Is Time-Consuming and Expensive

Unless you have a beautiful home and one that others think is beautiful, listing a home is a hassle. If you do it yourself, you need to understand the ins and outs of real estate photography and write a detailed description that gets people to click on your listing and inquire about it.

You are also expected to negotiate the deal on your home, after which you need to handle the paperwork involved. If all goes well, you must pray that the mortgage company pays you soon enough. But mortgage companies tend to take their time, so it isn’t an instant payment, even if everything is completed. Even then, there is a chance that the buyer may back out, which leaves you back at square one.

If you have an old home and are serious about selling it, sell it to us for cash! We don’t waste your time.

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